Original Jewelry Manufacturer = Your Personal OJM

Are you looking to find a reliable supplier partner that can deliver quality that you want, in the price points you need, and all within the timeline that demands smooth and fast operations? Look no further We are Primus Jewels!

Bring your original design idea or reference idea guide and let us sketch up some designs for you, and once you pick what you like we will do all the work to design jewelry that fits your price points, market needs and quality requirements.

Primus Is your Ideal choice for a vendor partner if you are looking to :

  • Create unique and trending mid-large size programs for your market that drive sales
  • Partner with a supplier with complete PIM/DAM capabilities to go from zero to thousands of SKUs in matter of days, all at no cost to you.
  • Connect with a manufacturing partner that follows earth conscious business and operational practices to do our part for the environment.
  • Looking for a one stop solution for boxed jewelry with combined packaging, presentation solutions along with that beautiful piece of jewelry!