Just a Little to Get To Know Us Better

We strive to bring sparkle and shine to everyday life. Since 1979.

We do this by making beautiful jewelry in exceptional quality, and with total commitment to earth conscious business practices, and care in our heart for the environment, and responsibility on our shoulders to do our tiny part in leaving the world a better place for future generations.

We realize the power of collaboration and therefore partner with worlds leading retailers in traditional space, digital and social media space, and other unique and evolving distribution channels to achieve our mission: We Strive to bring sparkle and shine to everyday life.

  • We are known for a wide array of jewelry selection.
  • We are famous for our on-trend designing and product development skills.
  • We live by our values of innovation in our approach, quality in our work, passion towards our craft, and joy in all that we do!

Primus is on-trend in its design and quipped with all the lasted advancements in technology that help us make better products, but our real strength is our people, who make Primus what primus is : from mining offices in Africa, to gemstone cutting and polishing in India, to manufacturing jewelry in Thailand, China, India, and our worldwide distribution offices in New York City, ultimately our real strength is all of our combined human resource !

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Our Customer segments that we serve


Mass Discount Stores

Price point trend-translated jewelry styles at pace with the current fashion trens of the season


TV Shopping Networks

Wide array of exotic and story-worthy jewelry to entice and entertain viewers.


Jewelry Retail Chains

Classics and timeless yet trendy jewelry that offers a market leading value


Auction Houses

One of a kind and rare, alluring and very unique pieces that are perfect for the collector's eye.


Online retailers

Dropship programs with compelete and seamless digital integration of hot selling jewelry


Jewelry Designers

Your personal jewelry factory to make all your jewelry without the worry of design theft